The Faces of G-Star

After attending G-Star School of the Arts, a charter film high-school in West Palm Beach, Florida for four years, the realization hit me. Throughout my four years of high school, I've walked past hundreds of students, from freshman, to seniors. I realized I had never once interacted with them. I didn't know their names, where they come from, or what their story is. 

In the last four weeks of my senior year, I came up with an idea that would be my way of giving back to my school community for all they've given me through my four years there. I wanted to get to know the students, the faculty, and the staff and discover what made them so unique.  For the last four weeks of my senior year, every day for an hour at lunch, I sat down with students, friends, faculty and staff with whom I’ve never talked with and got to know them a little better. I would setup my white background, tripod and camera, and shoot. Rain or shine. Whether it was one person who showed up or 30, I would photograph them with heart. 

I called the project "The Faces of G-Star"


 The goal for this project was to showcase each individuals diversity and beauty but also show what an entire community can do together where every person matters.