Pete Lober

"Eli Dreyfuss is one of the most talented portrait artists I have seen in a long time. His creativity

and attention to detail are outstanding. We always enjoy working with him."


Greg Hauptner

Eli Dreyfuss is one of the most outstanding young men I have

ever met in my life.  The easiest example I can give in this short

testimonial is the fact that he decided to become a

photographer with little or no experience in the 10th grade while

he was enrolled in our school, the G-Star School of the Arts.

 Two years later he was giving a solo exhibition of his

photographic works at Carnegie Hall - and had a full page ad of

one of his photos in the New York Times representing the

National Scholastic Arts & Writing competition!  How does

one come all that way in just two years?  Only be being a

remarkably driven, wildly creative individual who wanted to be

the best he could be.